Full Path Not Showing On One Visit

I had issues w tracking code during regular customer visits: .html pages Vs. .php pages which may be the problem here.

See image, I need to understand why one IP/Visitor shows as two separate visits on my site when using Piwik to track orders/conversions/visits.

These two visits should all be inside one visitors line item log right? Maybe my tracking code is causing this issue?

I see this happening often on the logs when looged in to Piwik.


Fri 31 Aug - 17:05:22
Provider: Qwest
9 Actions - 39 min 21s

Form Submitted - Thank You Page , Revenue: $ 300

http://www.eprovided.com/status/trackonline.php?id=O4KEB5 3x

Fri 31 Aug - 17:22:04
Provider: Qwest
1 Action - 0s
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Are you using the same browser, and the Javascript tracking code only?

Does it happen regularly, can you reproduce the issue?

Always happening. Tried Firefox and Chrome: same issue. I can reproduce easy,it’s ongoing 24/7 :).
Don’t get it.

Can you produce 1 PHP file, 1 HTML file with no content inside except piwik tag

and can you replicate the problem on these 2 pages ?

Many here looked into this but none came up with this simple solution. Thanks anyways!

“It looks like the requisite directive for telling Apache to process includes in .html files was missing. I’ve added it to the httpd.conf file, and the includes function now.”

Problem solved!

Does anyone know how to delete (need good details) one full user visit, I sometimes have someone take a path or do a “Goal” but now want to delete that visitor goal data and visit data, east way to do?

Also can’t there be an easy way to delete a full visitor anyway added in as a feature, I did look around on forums but did not find.

Thank you

See this feature request; Let me delete Visitors from Visitor Log (and undo it) · Issue #3385 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub