Front page and All websites do not work


Hi all,

I have freshly installed the latest stable piwik, and it all seemed to go okay, except that the front page is missing some information in the top right bar and the All Websites isn’t showing any websites. Please see the attached files.

Looking at the logs I see this being printed many times a second:

“GET /plugins/CoreHome/angularjs/notification/notification.directive.html?cb=80834dcd09f83d726bd3cf5949fac7af HTTP/1.1” 404 208 “Sign in - Piwik

So piwik apparently cannot find /plugins/CoreHome/angularjs/notification/notification.directive.html. Is there anything I can do to get this plugin without using the UI (since it appears to be non-functional) or is there something I can perhaps disable? Sure enough, if I look in my piwik/plugins/CoreHome/angularjs folder, I do not see notifications.html. Where can I get it?


Actually…never mind! My NGINX setup is disallowing access to HTML files. Nothing to see, please move on :slight_smile: