Force tracking downloads without <a- tag or class- parameter


on may pages I don’t use the <a href= - tag for downloads because I’m using javascript/ ajax- functions within a <div- tag. I tried to track downloads with the class=“piwik_download” in the div. But this doesn’t work.

I do not want to use goals or something else to track the downloads. So I’m looking for a solution to track downloads similary to the Piwik-Javascript-Code:

piwikTracker.setDocumentTitle(“DocumentTitle” );
with e.g. ‘pwikiTracker.setDownload(“DownloadTitel” );’ instead of piwikTracker.setDocumentTitle(“DocumentTitle” );[/sub]

Does anyone know a solution?



You can call

piwikTracker.trackLink( URL, "download" );

which will record a download for URL

Thank you, matt!

I didn’t realize that trackLink with ‘download’ ist counted as a download. I thought it is tracked as a download- link.

But in addition there is something strange: The URL is only tracked as a download (in the dashboard -> Visitors -> Visitor log) if I use the form Only /download.pdf is not tracked. And furthermore it is not tracked in the dashboard -> actions -> downloads (although it is shown the download-symbol in the visitors log). Or I’m wrong?

Piwik filters urls that don’t begin with “http”, so this is the expected behaviour


But can anybody explain me, why this download is not counted in the dashboard -> actions -> downloads (although it is marked with the download-symbol in the dashboard -> Visitors -> Visitor log) ?

It should be counted in ACtions > Downloads. Are you sure it is not there?

I checked it again: It isn’t there!
Maybe you could check it with your installation?