force_ssl with overlay


I’m using the force_ssl option to force the login screen to use SSL. Now I want to use the new overlay feature and am confronted with a message that “The Page Overlay session couldn’t be launched yet.”

From the faq I see that this happens because piwik uses SSL and the overlayed site does not support it. I tried to change the URL in my browser from https://mypiwikhost/xxxx to simple http, but this redirects again to the https version because of this force_ssl option.

So the issue is that with the force_ssl option I can’t use the overlay function on non SSL Sites.

Couldn’t it be changed that the force_ssl only forces the login screen to be with SSL, so it won’t redirect for any other request?

you can use in your config.ini.php:

; by default, Piwik uses relative URLs, so you can login using http:// or https://
; (the latter assumes you have a valid SSL certificate).
; If set to 1, Piwik redirects the login form to use a secure connection (i.e., https).
force_ssl_login = 1

matt, what you suggest is the root of the problem. I have set the force_ssl option, and that’s why I have the problem. If I unset it, the problem goes away, but then I allow my users to login without ssl.
I want both:

  • force users to login with ssl
  • use the overlay feature on non ssl sites

With the current way piwik works, this is not possible

Use force_ssl_login not force_ssl

I’m sorry for the typo. I do use force_ssl_login and have this problem

Ok thanks, can you please create a ticket on Thanks