Force_ssl = 1 is working the opposite way

I have htaccess redirect from http to https on entire domain on which matomo is installed and used. Every browser that I’m using have force https enabled.

After fresh Matomo install made with SSH wget -v && unzip , setting it up and opening everything seems to look normal. And as there is obvious complaint about not having forced https enabled so I edited matomo/config/config.ini.php and added required force_ssl = 1 in.

After this however every action that requires going to new page or reload inside matomo is redirected, but to HTTP!

I can navigate the interface by refreshing the page with F5 or manually putting ‘s’ after http in address bar every time, but this is beyond annoying!
I did try to revert this by removing force_ssl = 1 but that didn’t fixed the issue.

I don’t understand how this is happening. I just uninstalled matomo from server for now.
Thank you for development and in advance for help.