Force New Visit

Is there any way to force Piwik to recognize a visit as being a new one? Most of our users are authenticated, so if a user logs out, and a different user logs in on the same computer within 30 minutes, I would like Piwik to recognize the second user as a different visit.

Setting trust_visitors_cookies=1 in the config might work for you.

; By default, Piwik does not trust the idcookie as accurate and will always check that if the visitor visited
; the website earlier by looking for a visitor with the same IP and user configuration (to avoid abuse or misbehaviour)
; This setting should only be set to 1 in an intranet setting, where most users have the same configuration (browsers, OS)
; and the same IP. If left to 0 in this setting, all visitors will be counted as one single visitor.
trust_visitors_cookies = 0

I have just asked about the same feature, but I want to avoid setting this option.

This is now possible! see: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo