Folders in Tag Manager - Categorize different tags


We have multiple subdomains, with multiple tags, variables, and triggers. As there so many tags, it would be great additional feature to have possibility to put tags to different folders in Matomo Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager has this feature, called folders. Does anyone know when MTM might have similar feature or is it there already?


Hi there, it is currently not planned to add this feature and it likely won’t be implemented in the next 6 months as it’s quite tricky to implement while it’s only interesting for rather few users. We have an issue for this here: Adding a way to structure and administrate tags, triggers and variables · Issue #138 · matomo-org/tag-manager · GitHub Feel free to comment there, the more people comment the better we notice which features are being requested more often and it can change the priority for it.

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Thanks @thomas_matomo

I did now send this also GitHub.

I hope that we can see things evolving quickly, as clients want more tags all the time.