Folder creation identical pages


Here is my problem.

I set up a “portal young” for our site. That is accessible through the main site.
It is important to know that I then created a new code piwik and therefore inserted a second site for piwik statistics separated.

Problem in statistics site based in the tab pages I have 6 folders Youth Portal but written in different ways Portal Portal Young Young Young portal joomla … With inside pages and urls that correspond to nothing.
But in each case there is the time the number of bounce.

Have a record that seems logical since before creating a second code piwik folder young portal is always placed at the root in the host was directly related to the base site. (Although at the time of the creation of any website piwik code has been entered in the pages of the portal young).

So can you explain why there are 6 records portal young written differently? I must say that I is not access to the host and that another person who is responsible for this part.

Why when there was no code (nor base, nor the second site) on my portal pages young statistics were taken?

Personally I think the other person to create six separate folders in the root to the host, but he said no.

Can someone help me understand?