Flash chart bug

(alpha_one_x86) #1

Hello, I have flash chart bug with newer piwik:


After some focus changing and few time. (Look the last visit graph, the dot is missing)
Thanks to update this lib (open flash chart?) with the newer fix.

(maze) #2

Are you sure that it’s a open flash chart-bug? I recognized that effect ONLY when I was using OpenSUSE 11.2, Firefox 3.5.5 and Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32.

(alpha_one_x86) #3

I have this bug since piwik update. I don’t know if it’s open flash chart bug.
And I’m under firefox under linux.

(vipsoft) #4

There hasn’t been an update to OpenFlashChart since July, so I’d lean towards a Flash bug on Linux.

(alpha_one_x86) #5

Or jquery interference?
I have this bug only since piwik update, and no open flash chart bug on other personal website.

(vipsoft) #6

I don’t see how the jQuery update could have affected OFC. It’s the Flash plugin doing the rendering – Piwik just provides the data stream.

(jOoL) #7


i also encountered this bug since updating to 0.5.4.

but if you restart firefox after update it is ok