[FIXED] Spammers be gone

(jamesplato) #1

I have reported several spam messages on the forum, but they are still here?! It seems there a couple of people who want to ruin the experience for everyone else. I know the admins are too busy working on the script to keep this place clean. Is there nothing you can do to stop the spam(anti-flooding), or flag words such as Viagra—or create a way it more than three people report a post, it gets deleted/removed until it can be reviewed? Maybe you need more forum admins?

(detox) #2

Forums spam - the plague of 21 century

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

sure if you would like to be a forum admin and help delete the spam messages, let us know at hello at piwik.org! We use IPB as the software for the forum, maybe there would be modules that we could useto help minimize spam as well?

(jr-ewing) #4

Maybe this helps for automatic Spambots

IPB Settings

  • ACP
  • Security and Privacy
    – Enable Captcha? - Advanced
    – Captcha: Use Fonts
    – Upload some different Fonts

(cybermax) #5

Another idea (seen in an other forum - not sure, if IPB provide this feature):

Only users with 10 postings will be able to post links (cause spammers are often only short time forum users).

(vipsoft) #6

setting outbound links to rel=nofollow might help

there’s probably also a content filter that looks for spammy keywords