[Fixed] Piwik 2.7.0 not recording mobile visits

Ok, I have this bug since the day i upgraded to 2.7… i now have a fresh 2.7.0 install, standard javascript code with no user id or other things, just everything default


  • open and navigate several pages in mobile (tried with chrome, native android browser, and several others, all of them with javascript activated). Nothing is recorded.
  • on the last page i request the desktop version (via theme footer button or via browser option, does not matter)
  • instantly a new visit is recorded starting with the page where I requested desktop version.

Any ideea what could it be? Yet I did have seen a few mobile visitors past weeks, but i believe most of them were actually tablets viewing full-site, or just mobile users with “always request dektop” option activated.


Disregard this post, it was totally themes fault for not loading javascript in mobile after an silent update.. piwiks update to 2.7.0 was just a coincidence which got nothing to do with it… works just fine