First time install, '500 internal server error'

Hi all,

First time trying to install Piwik. Followed all instructions, downloaded and unzipped the app on my computer then uploaded to the server into a new folder, made sure PHP was up to date (5.6), created new database, but when trying to run it all I am getting is a ‘500 internal server error’. Any suggestions?

Host server: GoDaddy
System: Windows Hosting
PHP: 5.6
MySQL: 5.5
IIS: 7.0

Any suggestions?

This means some kind of php error is occurring. To find out which exactly you need to check the php error log.

Hi Lukas,

Where can I find the error log? I looked around but can’t find error log for Piwik.

Just FYI, we also have a couple of PHP forums (Simple Machines forums) which run fine.


That really depends on what kind of Host you are having. I am not really familiar with Webhosting using Windows, so I unfortunately can’t really help you.

According to this you can specify in your PHP config where the log is saved.

You could also try enabling setting display_errors in your php.ini to display_errors = on, because then PHP will show the error in the browser instead of logging it. (Of course you should disable it egain after solving the issue as it is a security issue)