First step on Matomo. I need help

Hello everyone, we just switched some of our customers’ sites from analytics to Matomo and I’m having trouble finding all the data I had on Google. Maybe you can help me:

  • I’d like to know the average time spent and the average number of page views per session for visitors OFF bounce? I have an overall average time spent per targeted step for off-bounce visitors.

  • The audience comes, among other things, from a series of newsletters. I manage to get the audience by newsletter but not from which agency it was sent (the same newsletter can be sent by different agencies). I would have the same need for the origin from social networks.

  • When I go into “behavior”, if I want to export the most read articles, the tool only exports the headings. How can I get an export with headings and subheadings.

Thank you very much,
Have a nice day