First setup issues - Matomo features don't work properly

I am having iussues with the first setup of Matomo.
I am using Matomo on premise, hosted on a shared hosting that should meet the requirements.
I installed Matomo through Softaculous, and the process went just fine.
I started collecting data from a website, but most of the features don’t work. Only Visitor log and Real Time visitors seem to be working properly.

I decided to install the plugin LogViewer to troubleshoot but when I try to “Chech the system”, Matomo displays and error " Mysqli prepare error: MySQL server has gone away"

How may I solve all these issues?

Hi @area_web
For the Mysqli prepare error: MySQL server has gone away error, check:

For the other problem, maybe the data have not been aggregated yet (archived in Matomo wording).

Thank you for your fast reply.
For the error “Mysql server has gone away” I tried to edit the variables as suggested. I tried 3 different approaches:

  • via phpmyadmin
  • via terminal
  • via ssh
    Every time I had issues with permissions. In my hosting I am not allowed to edit those values.

For the other problem I had already set up a cron job when I installed Matomo with softaculous, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Ask directly your provider… Or change of provider :wink:

Maybe the CRON doesn’t work well because of the previous problem. Then try first to solve with your provider (but you can still have a look at the CRON log file to see if there isn’t any problem…).

Okay, thank you. I’ll have a look at the cron log.

Could you suggest me a provider that you know that has a shared hosting which is fully compatible with Matomo on premise?
I will track 100,000 page views per month or less

My provider seemed to meet all the requirements, I could not consider such specific issues, and I wouldn’t find myself in this kind of situation again.

He really doesn’t want to update these values for you?!?
Sorry, I don’t know any provider… Maybe @Lukas @Genest or @Naser_Aslam can give you some?

For 100,000 pageviews per month I would recommend VPS server or some cloud service like aws. Thanks!

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