Find the exit type-in url

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I know this may be very difficult to do but i guess its worth asking, I was wondering i\f you could find the url which the user has left to go to your website without clicking an exit link on your page, for e.g. I am on and i type in in the address bar, how can I track that or is this impossible? thanks in advance, regards.

No, not possible at present. This would require something that persists with the browser, like an addon or extension that the visitor would install.

Is it possible to detect which browser window is open (e.g. when (and if) the visitor has 2 open browser windows/tabs open and toggles between them)? And, of course, the order in which they are closed?

Actually, nevermind style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif I’m not sure, but I’m thinking this might be something javascript (using focus) might handle. Any ideas would be appreciated though.