Filter Stats by Author Tag


I would like to know which of my authors brings me the most visitors.

Is there currently any chance of getting this info out of piwik?

Because my search wasn´t succesfull I posted this in the area feature suggestions.

Yes, track the author as a Custom Variable of scope page, then you can see how many pageviews each author generated.

Hi matt,
thank you for this hint, I`m going to try my Luck now.

As an additional value I would like to track the author on which the visitor joint the site.

Currently I´m using


to track visitors seperated by authors.
I would like to track also the author which brought a visitor to my site:


As I´ve understood this I will have to check if the CustomVariable 2 is set already for preventing this entry to be overwritten.

Could someone please give me that code snippet to prevent overwriting of the already set customvariable 2.

Since your custom variables are in different scope (page and visit) then you can use the same index (1) to both as they will not overwrite each other.