Filter out summary entries from Actions.getPageUrls API call

When calling the API method Actions.getPageUrl with flat=1, I’m receiving a list of the page URLs. However, sub pages are also listed via “ - Others” and the property “is_summary” set to true, for example:

→ “/jobs/view/ - Others”

How can I get rid of those summary entries? I tried “filter_column=is_summary” and “filter_pattern=0” but that does have no effect.

Of course, I can filter it out programmatically by iterating of the results. But I want only the Top 30 URLs and set also the “filter_limit” to 30. So when filtering out programatically, I receive only 27 or 28 URLs.

Is there a solution for this?

Hi @brotkrueml
You have to update the archiving limit:

After, don’t forget to invalidate past historical reports and wait for the next data archiving…

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