Filter for urls (or other metric dimension) for a specific event


I am look for an option to filter my events and see on which url they occured. I am using a bunch or Wordpress Plugins with build-in Piwik support. Two of these plugins track videos: One for youtube and one for wordpress videos.

They do something like this:

trackEvent(‘youtube’,‘play’,‘link to youtube video’);

wp video
trackEvent(‘wp-video’,‘play’,‘link to wp video’);

Both fire a “play” action. How can I filter on which urls this events fired? This info has be in there somewhere but I just can’t find it.

Thank you!

I am not sure if you are looking to create a segment in Piwik or get the data from an API call.

However, if you access the Actions>Pages area and create a new segment with eventCategory of play then this will show you all pages that those two events were fired on.

Hopefully I haven’t misunderstood what you are attempting to report.

Yes, I think you understood me correctly. However this does not work. Segements with a category action as filter seem to work on “Actions->events” but not on “Actions->pages”.

I get an empty result on “Actions->pages” with a segment for “category action = play”. With the very same segment I get filtered results for “play” event actions on “Actions-> events”.

Do I have to do something else for this to work? This would be a good workaround. But I thought it would be easier.

Hmm, I would have expected that to work really. Have you tried using the API as opposed to the pages report? I could create a pseudo API URL for you, if you haven’t tried already.

I haven’t. It seems that you can not query for data that is not used on that page. In this example the events data.

I think you’re right, event data and page data are in two separate tables. This is surprising to me as an event should be logged with the URL and so there would be a relationship. Other analytics tools I have used works this way. I love Piwik, so hope that changes in the future via update or plugin.

You can filter the Visitor log by a Page Title segment and the Page Title data and Events data are both stored in the log_action table. I wonder if you can segment the Visitor log by EventCategory as described earlier. SorryI would test this before suggesting, just am no where near my Piwik instances to try.

There does not seem to be a way to do this like google analytics does this: There is a sescondary dimension you can combine with any other metric. =(