Filter Entry Pages Report w.r.t a specific Social Media (Referrer)

Hi there,

Is there any way (programmatically) to filter Entry Pages report w.r.t a specific Social Media (Referrer)? Like if I want to fetch list of all the entry pages which were referred by Facebook or other Social Media.

Need help with it, thanks!


Does the Social Media report give you the information you need?

If yes, then you can use the :export: button below it, to get the API URL to fetch the data of it.
(Which should be something like this).

The list of social networks is BTW taken from:

Thanks Lukas, for your quick response. The thing is I am looking for with Social Media Filter

@Lukas anything on my query, please!

It depends on what you mean with “with Social Media Filter”. If you want to view all reports, but filtered by people that e.g. came from Facebook, you can use segments (these can also be created and accessed via the API)

Thanks @Lukas, Can you give an example how can I use Facebook as the segment?


A segment like this should work. Check which names it suggests to you in the value field.