Filter by Pages where Site URL cointains @

I’ve a site that has quite a big number of @ in the URl like, https://url.tld/@News / but when I try to set a filter → by Site-URL → contains —> @ I get all sorts of urls but only a few of them with @ in it, most shown Urls have no @. How can I filter for Urls with @ in the Site Url reliably?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Menaxerius
When you write « set a filter » I think you want to write « set a segment »…
I analyzed the HTTP query used by a segment on « Page URL contains somm ». One param is: segment=pageUrl=@somm. Then it means the @ char means “contains”.
Maybe try escape the@ char: \@?
Or else, during tracking, try to change the tracked URL to replace these @