File names with an - ( minus sign ) in it , do not show up in action> downloads links


Hi there we are on the latest piwik 2.1.0.
I noticed that under actions>>download the result list do not show files that contain a - ( minus )in *.pdf file names
for instance: g-update.pdf or name-file.pdf are not reconized in downloads .
is this a known problem with the minus?
Let me know how to fix this.
I thank you in advance.



can anybody confirm this if this is normal?

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

I replied in the ticket


sorry it works.
the problem was that the url did not end as .pdf (so not … /test.pdf instead it showed … / test ) so if it is an pdf but the url does not end /show .pdf then piwik does not recconize it as an pdf

thanks for helping me