File Integrity Error

(Roddy A. Stegemann) #1

For some reason Matomo no longer approves of my global.ini.php file.

Errors below may be due to a partial or failed upload of Matomo files.
–> Try to reupload all the Matomo files in BINARY mode. <–

Integrity check failed: /…/matomo/config/global.ini.php

Is there some way to obtain a fresh copy without having to reinstall the entire Matomo application?



That’s odd. You could download Matomo (the same version you have installed) unzip the archive and replace just that one file via FTP. I would make a backup copy of that file first though.

(Roddy A. Stegemann) #3

Yes, what a great idea!
It is not the way that I installed Matomo, so the obvious was not at all apparent.
My Matomo ship now sails, however lumberly, without complaint.

Thank you!