[feature suggestions] Live Heatmap

I would like to suggest a heatmap feature like this one here:


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Maybe you’re interested on Click Heat Piwik’s plugin?

Thanks for the link.

After installing I got this error:

The class ClickHeat couldn’t be found in the file ‘D:\webroot\analytics/plugins/ClickHeat/ClickHeat.php’

Looks like you might be running your site on IIS (since it’s in a “webroot” directory). The plugin page reads, “Plugin not consider the IIS. Sorry. We are waiting patches for IIS.”

If you want get rid of IIS, you could try developing on a “WAMP” stack, then deploying the website inside a free Linux environment

This plugin doesn’t work for me. At first it redirected automatically on the dashboard every time I tried to click on click heat, and then, after I stop the reloading, I saw that I had to put a JS on my website, which I did, but it doesn’t work.

The better choice to get things done I think should be filing an issue or pull-request on Plugin’s Github repository

it would be awesome if such a functionality would be hardcoded into piwik

Feel free to send a pull request on Github GitHub - matomo-org/piwik: Liberating Web Analytics. Star us on Github? +1. Matomo is the leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data. Matomo lets you easily collect data from websites, apps & the IoT and visualise this data and extract insights. Privacy is built-in. We love Pull Requests! any contribution is always appreciated by Core Dev Team and carefully reviewed.

will do, thanks. but since I’m no developer I can not assist with coding

One of the most important features was sponsored, i mean «segments».

There are different ways to contribute, in my opinion in this case could happen you hire a local developer who reside in your own land and let him/them contribute to free software for all the world’s benefit.

Good news: we’re working on Heatmap Analytics for Piwik + scrollmap + click map! It will be awesome and make sure to hear when it’s released by signing up here: http://www.heatmap-analytics.com/

We've just released Heatmap + Session Recording for Piwik Analytics!

More info:

  • Heatmaps show you where on a page your visitors click, move the mouse and how far down they scroll so you can discover which content your visitors actually pay attention to, where your content is confusing, and whether your content is engaging. Based on this information you can improve your content and page structure and ultimately increase your conversions.
  • Session Recordings lets you record all clicks, mouse movements, scrolls and form interactions of a visitor so you can replay them in a video. See exactly what your visitors did on your website to truly understand them. Find out where they have problems or get confused to improve usability and conversions.

Comes with 100% data ownership, full control over your data, and no limitations.

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