Fatal Install Error

So I uploaded everything in binary mode using filezilla. Got a fatal error and couldn’t even proceed to install.

Went back and tried it again using “auto” mode. Now I get another fatal error. If it’s this bad before the program even installs, I hate to see how it runs after an install.

Fatal error: Class ‘Piwik_FrontController’ not found in /home/blahhh/public_html/websitehere/piwik/index.php on line 51

So I uploaded it for a 3rd time and now I get the error of:

Undefined variable: translations
in ‘/home/blahh/public_html/website-here/piwik/core/Translate.php’ at the line 82

What a joke.

A 4th install gives this:

Fatal error: Class ‘Event_Notification’ not found in /home/blahh/public_html/website/piwik/core/PluginsManager.php on line 631

I have the same problem, I can not fix it …please help

Please use another FTP client than filezilla and switch to binary mode. Then upload again.