Faster: Select user data that Piwik should collect

Hey there,

first of all: I like Piwik a lot - it’s a great (open source) alternative to Google Analytics. You’re doing a great job (except the empty dashboard after Piwik 1.5 AND 1.5.1-updates, where I couldn’t save any changes…).

Here’s my feature suggestion:

80-90 percent of the collected/saved data about the visitors are unnecessary for me, I don’t need them. Therefore:

It would be great if we could select, which data should be saved/collected from the visitors. This should drastically reduce the size of the database and therefore make Piwik faster (because it’s smaller).

I don’t know what’s the best way to implement such a feature. But if there are boxes, where you can simply select the categories you want to know about your visitors, this would be great.

As I said: Most of the things are not necessary for me. And I asked another user who agreed that he would love to have that feature, too.

I hope you understand what my idea is. Sorry if my English was wrong, I am from Germany :slight_smile:

In my opinion this will be a nice-to-have feature to reduce the database size and improve performance of piwik.

maybe it will be possible to create an extra tab in the setting menu to control which data will be collect. i.e. data about OS or IP are unimportant for a lot of people.

When this feature become part of piwik, each user had the possibility to handle the saving of IP-Data. This is atm a huge problem in Germany, because of the current law. So no extra plugin is necessary.

best regards

Thanks for your support, blogrammierer. I am glad I’m not the only one who would love to see that feature. The benefits could be great!

By the way: Do the developers read the ideas? And how do wo know whether or not they consider implementing this feature?

We read all messages for sure, and this idea is quite interesting. Do you mind creating a ticket “Feature request” in ?thx

Thanks for your message, matt! Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this… Where exactly whould I have to create this ticket?? (I have no idea about programming and stuff… sorry :wink: )

Register for an account there and use the “new ticket” link afterwards.

Okay, thanks. I created a ticket. Hopefully I’ve done it right? Here’s the link: Select user data that Piwik should collect · Issue #2575 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Edit: How about priority? Would major be fine? (I consider it a major priority)

Thanks. It is a great nice-to-have idea.

:slight_smile: (For me it’s even more than that, because it helps a lot to reduce the database size and improve speed - simple, yet powerful :slight_smile: )

Hello everyone!!

I am the best GUI designer. It is the requirement of any developer to having best GUI of their website. Piwik is one type of open source web analytical software. In this multidimensional analytic could be done. because of their multidimensional functionality we can improve the speed because database size will be reduce So, there are many changes should be done.

If any suggestion then give me reply.

Thank you all in advance.

I don’t fully understand: Does that mean you’ll implement my feature in near future? (I already opened a ticket for it: Select user data that Piwik should collect · Issue #2575 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub ) (What do you mean by multidimensional functionality?)