FAQ / Reasons to Delete Archive Tables for Reprocessing


since my last Piwik update I’ve been wondering when it is required to recalculate the archives, e.g. delete the archive tables.

The FAQ describes the how but not the when / why.

When is it really required or sensible to reprocess the archives? What I’ve come up with:

  • when administration settings like ignored IPs or request parameters have been updated.
  • when a statistic changes, e.g. a bug fix in the user agent module that reported a wrong browser version.

Are these correct so far, or does any of the above scenarios work without reprocessing the archives?
I’m especially interested in the second one, i.e. when does it make sense to reprocess the archives after an update, the change log does not note this. Or do the modules handle this automatically?


It is NOT recommended to re-process the archives. If you don’t have a good reason for it then don’t do it :slight_smile:

the reasons you put are valid ones though