False abandoned carts

I’m getting a lot of abandonded carts that I know aren’t, as per attached, is there anyway to stop these false stats?

that’s very surprising. Can you please take a screenshot of Visitors>Visitor Log showing the same example? I would like to see the detail of visits. Do you notice a pattern with all the invalid abandoned carts?

I seem to have more abandoned carts than I should, but I can usually see that they are not really abandonded and the orders have been placed.

I don’t understand how the same visitor can be tracked in two separate visits. Were you using 2 open tabs at the same time ? or what could be causing this I am not sure.

Areyou able to reproduce the error everytime on your piwik following a procedure ? If so I would be able to debug and fix the problem. Thanks for letting me know how to reproduce?

I don’t know if he had 2 browsers open and I can’t reproduce it as it’s not something I am doing, I’ve attached another that shows 2 abandonded carts togeather

Ok I don’t know. I propose that you create a ticket in dev.piwik.org with as much info as you can get.

For example how often it happens, if it affects all browsers, % of purchases affected, etc.

Also in the piwik.log_conversion table in mysql do you see the double abandoned carts as well ? they have idgoal=-1 and ecommerce orders have idgoal=0

I’m suffering exact the same thing. Once in while suddenly all visitors have the same item in their shopping cart, while they not even added an item to their cart. Did you find the cause / solution yet?

Not yet, still looking for more info or steps to reproduce such bug

Hmm getting closer I think…

  • I am using the Magento Piwik plugin
  • I have full page caching enabled
  • Could the cache include the piwik add to cart action and therefore show it to multiple visits?
  • We had it with a very niche product, an old maroccan camel bag. Not popular at all. This one suddenly appeared in multiple visits.

When someone adds a product to its basket, they are sent to the checkout page directly. However, with the false adds, these people do not visit the checkout page, thus making it not logic they have an abandoned cart.