Facebook incoming Landing pages

HI, I can see that Facebook did send me traffic, but I see no way to know on which of my pages this traffic landed/came in? Any idea?


Use segment to segregate visits coming form Facebook.

You’ll have to wait the data are archived in order to be able to see the reports. And probably you’ll also need to invalidate old report data:

(and wait again the data archiving process)
Finally, open the Behaviour>Entry pages menu to see the entry pages. Example on the demo website (on Returning users segment)

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Hi Philippe, thank you so much… but I am not sure I understand…

I need to create a segment? But I am not sure that would help me, I can see in Acqusition the Facebook traffic, I just cannot see anywhere what post/page of my site they landed on… How can I do that with segments? I understand segments is more a more detailed way of showing graphs for predefined ie. countries?


Then wait for (or run) archiving (see my previous post)…
Then when you’ll visit the Behaviour>Entry pages report, you’ll be able to see the entry pages for visitors coming from Facebook:

Thanks Philippe… will have to try and see if I can manage that…highly appreciated!