Facebook button

Links to my website from Facebook show as coming from there but I have recently added a ‘Shop Now’ button and when someone clicks on that it shows as coming from Google.


Can you try out the following:

  • Click on the Shop Now button
  • When your page has loaded open the Javascript Console (F12) and enter the following:

It should show the page you are coming from the way Matomo is reading it:

Hi Lukas
Doesn’t seem to be working properly for me. Are you able to look at it here:


I have tried it out and I get the correct referrer: https://l.facebook.com/

Are you sure the visits showing as “from Google” are the ones coming from the facebook button?

Well, we are being informed of clicks on Facebook, but nothing corresponding on Motomo. For example, your visit has not registered.

That’s be cause I have DoNotTrack enabled.

My new visit should be recorded (at least the request to Matomo including _ref:https://l.facebook.com/ was sent)

Yes, that came through as I.Facebook we will monitor the other links that Facebook claim and see if they register.

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