Facebook ads issue

Good Morning!

I’m running Facebook ads to drive traffic to my new website. The ads show up in our target market’s Facebook News Feeds.

We use Google Analytics and Piwik simultaneously, so we’re tracking campaigns with UTM tags in ad URLs.

I have two questions:

(1) More than half the campaign traffic (from Piwik data) are visitors with 0s long visits. Does this mean that these people bounced instantaneously?? Sounds unlikely…

(2) In Piwik UI, I want to create a segment of visits that were more than 5 seconds long. I tried to “Add a New Segment” with parameters needed, it says “Loading Data…” but does not create the new segment. I even tried leaving it overnight in case it needs more time!

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

(1) 0s visits mean the visitor bounced (we tracked only one page)

(2) creating the segment works for me, do you have any error in your server error log file?

Can you tell me the location of server error log file?

I searched the piwik directory but couldn’t find it.

Ask your sysadmin or look online for the location for your particular webserver