Extending Piwik for other stats


A user of PHPMyvisits for years, I just discovered Piwik and simpl ylove the new interface.
Having had a quick look around the code, API and read how to create plugins, I was wondering if the dashboard could be use to display other kinds of data not stored in the raw or archived table.

So basically I would like to create a widget displaying to say the average basket per visitor to an e-commerce site. My question is, would it be possible to use te Piwik dashboard and framework to display this statistical information? I guess I will need to have the tables required on the same database, and use the Piwik_Query method to retrieve my data.

If anyone with some good understanding of the piwik code coule tell me if this make sense, it would be very helpful before I investigate any further.

Thanks in any case to the dev team. At first glance this looks like a well thought and designed open source project.

Go to Settings | Plugins, and activate the ExampleUI plugin.

Yes I guess that this and the example widgets does answer my question style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

I will share back as soon as I got something viable.

Any news about this? Is the Piwik dashboard sufficiently modular to be used for other data than web access?


What do you mean with “other data than web access”? Can you give an example please, which data do you display as element in the Dashboard?

Well, for instance sales unit volumes by item type, country, over time etc. In other words using Piwik as a general corporate dashboard rather than (only?) as a web dashboard. I’d think it has the potential for this, though it may require a fork with a more narrowly specialised community.


Take a look at the Feedburner Plugin. This Plugin received the data (as XML Feed) from an external ressource. In this case, the Google API for Feedburner.

Ive created a lots of custom Dashboard Elements for my company. Only 50% of my Dasboard are only data from Piwik. We have so many data that Piwik cant track. I combine this external data with the data from piwik.

Thanks, this sounds promising indeed, I’ll definitely give it a try! Though I should also say that I most likely won’t pipe any potentially sensitive data through “GoogleBurner” - for me Piwik is more about more privacy rather than less.

I’ll definitely report back here (unlike the topic starter :-)), but please keep the ideas coming in the meantime, too!

Many thanks

OK, I have found all the hooks now - very intersting indeed! The ExampleUI plugin (and its supplied widgets) will do the trick (of showing you where to look) perfectly indeed. :slight_smile: