Exporting goals into another database


I am trying to export two tracked websites from a piwik installation on server A into a new, fresh piwik installation on server B.

To keep the already existing data for (in my case) site id 6 and 11, i restored the tables piwik_log_* into a work database and deleted the entries of the sites i don’t want to use on the new server B (of course, i also took the other tables with reference to an IDSITE). I also exported the table piwik_goal and imported it on the new server.

On the new server, my existing data of the two sites now shows up nicely (after the MySQL server took it’s time to generate the piwik_archive_* tables).

But my goals are not shown in the new installation.

There must be some link from site to goal that i missed.

Can some1 help me out?