Export Subtables along with main table

Hi every one and thanks to Piwik people for such a great frame work.
I was using piwik for long time and created my own plugins with new reports.

Is it possible to export sub tables data along with main table?
Currently I put a export link for each subtable which exports only that particular sub table. But
it is very hard for business to go each row and export subtable separately.
I have multilevel tables, I put export link in each level, this is not at all good style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif

Even though if I put ‘expanded=true’ in the API link, it is getting me all the id’s of subtables but not the actual data.
How to get subtable data(not id’s)?

If anyone has any solution/ideas please let me know.
Thanks in Advance.

expanded=1 should work. I added the (missing) documentation in http://dev.piwik.org/trac/wiki/API/Referen…ionalparameters