Export more than 100 datefields

hi there,

thank your for your great work (piwik). i like everything and i’m really satisfied with your nice tool.

i have a litte question, how can i export more than 100 entries? all the time, when i click e.g. on the csv-export link on e.g. “list of keywords” i only get the last 100 entries. but i have more than 800! how or where can i change a/the parameter for that.

is that possible? thank you for answering.


thanks alot

i have the same problem.

I used all the info from How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo
but nothing change!!!

Every time i am doing an export for keywords i have a limin about 100 rows!!!

the parameter filter_limit as documented in the API documentation: http://dev.piwik.org/trac/wiki/API/Reference
add filter_limit=500 to API request

Really, folks, could you please give the answer to the real question:

How to change the filter_limit of the Export Buttons at the datatable_footer? I had to make those changes to the “datatable_footer.tpl” template file, and I don’t think that this is the right way. So the real question is: How to override these filter_limits and make this override permanent?

The Export Buttons are those funky links given to you when clicking onto the disk symbol at the bottom of the Website

Change the config setting called API_datatable_default_limit

I don’t really think so, as I just checked, and this parameter has no value at my installation (which usually means “no limit”).

Perhaps I was not clear enough: to change those Limits for the Export Buttons you have to explicitly change the templates as they are hardcoded in them. My Question was not how to set a global value but to override those settings of the templates without changing the last.

A workaround is to change "filter_limit = ‘100’ " to "filter_limit = ‘’ in the file “datatable_footer.tpl”; but this possibly woul be broken after an upgrade. Anyway, this works for me.

sorry about the confusion… I forgot that we only fixed the issue after 1.6 release.

please use SVN this bug is fixed along already 25 tickets, this config setting works as expectedin trunk