Export CSV not working after upgrading to 1.11.1


I have upgraded our Install to 1.11.1 (Latest Version). Now the Export To CSV is not working properly. It only exports the data in the First row and ignore all other rows.
e.g I generate a Page Titles report for a specific period. It gives me couple of Top level page names (assume alpha,beta,charlie and delta) . Then I choose to make the report FLAT and it gave me the detailed report as expected including all (alpha,beta,charlie and delta). Then I choose Export the report to CSV. I got the report but it includes only the Report for First Top level Page i.e Alpha.

This used to work before the upgrade.

Can you please look into this.


Any Update on this Guys ???

to export all data and not only the first level, add &flat=1 to the request URL.

Hi matt

Flat=1 is already included in the URL and i am getting report for all the levels , but only for the First title.

Take example of the the attached Snapshot. It has got 4 Top Level Titles Samsung, IFrame, Panasonic and Fishing TV. Now if i make the report flat and export it, i will only get the Samsung and couple of panasonic rows in the report.

It only started happening after the 1.11.1 upgrade.


Did you add filter_limit=1000 to get more rows? what output do you get? can you reproduce on the demo itself?

Hi Matt

Thanks , I have to change API_datatable_default_limit = -1 to fix it.