Exploding Piwik-DB

hey there,
I’m hosting an little Piwik for about 9 really small websites (2pm and all together got 34 visits with 400 actions)… Database-Usage: 800 MB … whooot?

The blob-table for january and april is as big as all other 13 blob-tables together…

Please look at the picture and tell me what to do :confused:

That is not normal, this two month were like each other month, no special well active month…

Thanks for all replys :slight_smile:

we will solve these problems in: Lightweight Piwik mode: Setting to purge aggregated reports older than N days from the database · Issue #5473 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

The january table is bigger, because it also stores the yearly archives. But it shouldn’t be that big indeed.

stay tuned we will work on the ticket in the next 2 months, which will solve this problem (or at least help!)

Hopefully, now my DB has an size of 960 MB… :confused: I just got 20 GB at the moment, doesn’t need piwik to fill this up ^^

thanks for the reply, I’ll stay tuned…

Ps.: piwik rocks

Currently it stops growing… size: 1,5 GB, January 920,3 Mb and april 478,8 Mb.
I hope to stay tuned arround this problem.

1,5 GB for 13101 visits with about 36797 actions is a lot of data :confused:

Oliver it definitely shouldn’t record all this data, there is a problem somewhere. Can you please, PM me your bug description + piwik login pwd + phpmyadmin login pwd + FTP access , I will take a look