Explanation needed for "tracking failures"

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I searched in the forum / faqs / documentation but I didn’t find any detail about the “tracking failures”.

What is exactly a “tracking failure”? And how could matomo track a tracking failure (sorry for the play on words)?

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@innocraft, what a good question… Do you have some info about that?

Hi @Marco_Sciamanna you can learn more about tracking failures here: https://matomo.org/subcategory/troubleshoot-20/

Please review the above guide and let us know if you have any further concerns.

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Ok, probably I misinterpreted the meaning of “tracking failure”.

I thought it was something like: piwik.php script is called correctly but the INSERT statements into the tracking tables run with some errors and… this is a tracking failure.

Indeed, it is more like a handful of common error with tracking API requests that Matomo can easily detect e.g. tracking requests are sent to a siteID that doesn’t exist (anymore)