Experiencing A Piwik Database Bug After 2.0.2 upgrade

Hi, I upgraded to 2.0.2 and frequently I get the following error now:

“Table ‘log_conversion’, can’t be joined for segmentation”

How can I remedy this?


in which requests do you get this error? eg. the &segment= parameter

Thank you and my apologies for the delay on this. It took a while to replicate this error again (although I am not clear on why it comes and goes).

But when I try to view the Eccommerce goals, I get the “Table ‘log_conversion’, can’t be joined for segmentation” Error.


Also see attached image.


Thanks for the report, I created a ticket at New segment: support for 'visitConvertedGoalId' in all reports (visitors who converted a particular Goal) · Issue #4503 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

I have experienced the same problem. Do we know what causes this? I know this is a bug but is there a workaround, or way to avoid this problem?

I am experiencing this when archive.php is running.

EDIT: I found the case, its when you try to view a goal report with goal driven segmentation.

I see that you’ve fixed this issue and is part of 2.2 release. Do you know when 2.2 might come out ? I know this is a silly question (since it is in RC) but, can this be added to 2.1 release?