Experiences with running piwik on innodb tables?

Hi folks,

for backup purposes (using xtrabackup for online backups of the tables) I’d like to convert the piwik tables to innodb too. Each myisam table (especially in this size ;-)) makes the backup aching slow and taking longer.

But as Piwik is using the MyISAM format by default I’m wondering if anyone has any experiences doing that move?
Are there any special things in Piwik requiring MyISAM tables or will it work without troubles?



We haven’t tested Piwik with innodb but it should work fine. You can always try to convert them, see how it is behaving, and report here. It will always be possible to convert them back to myisam

Just a quick update.
I did the conversion today and for now its running fine. Will keep you update after the first archive run.

For anyone wanting to make this move too: the database size roughly doubles (but that was expected).

Thomas, what are your experiences running Piwik on innodb since you made that switch two years ago?

And now with version 2.1?

innodb is now enabled by default in piwik, so it comes recommended :slight_smile: