Existing features to block abusing users or to detect good/bad buzz?

(Fernand CONTANDIN) #1

Hi everybody.
I have been using Matomo for two years and I am very satisfied. I handle about 1 million visits per month for 6 million pages viewed without any problems and with very good performance (in terms of speed). The purpose of this thread is to ask if the following features already exist:

  • Is there a plugin that automatically allows to write a “Deny from” in the htaccess for ip exceeding a certain number of actions over a certain period?
  • Is there a plugin that can detect a buzz (bad or good) by examining every hour a surplus of activity compared to the same time the day before ?
    Thanks for your help.

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

There is no plugin for that, but there is an even better solution: https://www.fail2ban.org

(Fernand CONTANDIN) #3

Thanks for the advice Fabian. But I am very attentive to the speed of display of my pages and I want to avoid the multiplication of tools. In addition, what I want to avoid is simply the use of robots to refresh pages, not hacking attempts. A plugin would be interesting since on the one hand Matomo is the best tool to know how many pages a user or an IP consults, and secondly because it would be easy to set.