Excluding tracked pages from reports?


After piwik has been tracking a site for a while, can you exclude certain web pages from the reports? Not at tracking time, which is FAQ #89, but at reporting time, after the hits have been recorded. For example, if piwik has already tracked pages A, B, C, D, and E in its database, I’d like to say, “Show me all piwik reports, but with page A excluded.”

Here’s why. At my company, we have an internal web site that is the default home page for all browsers. So whenever people open their browser, we get a hit and it’s tracked in piwik. We do want to track hits on the home page, but at reporting time, we sometimes want to exclude these hits as unimportant. This means excluding them from all piwik reports.

As a brute force solution, we could track each page twice with piwik, using two separate site IDs, and exclude the home page from the second ID. This seems wasteful because 99% of the data would be redundant between the two piwik sites.

Is there a better solution within piwik? Thanks.

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You should use Segmentation with pageUrl and pageTitle segments: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Thank you very much. What does pageTitle mean… the literal string between and ?

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