ExcludeByDDNS from external server

Dear forum users I hope you can help me out.

It’s about the following problem: At my workspace we get a new IP-adress assigned every day, where upon I thought I could intercept it with an ExludeByDNNS plugin.
There I listed our hostname adress (something.host.de) in the intended area, wich worked out marvekously until the IP-Adress changed again.
So I wrote into the Console nslookup (Ip-Adress) and discovered that the subnet domoin of the host dynamicly changes.
If i register the host without the subnet domain, I would exclude all other users of the providers am I right?
Well, i don’t what exactly to do now and would really appreciate your help.

Hi there,

can you please create an issue and ask this directly in the Plugin tracker? Issues · sgiehl/piwik-plugin-ExcludeByDDNS · GitHub