Exclude Wordpress Backend Traffic

Hello all,
I found this option to set some of my website directories or pages to not be tracked:

But this only affects the data collection.

But how can I exclude directories or pages from data already collected, like Wordpress backend traffic (wp-login.php etc.)? Is this only possible via segments or can I filter out this data in general in the account?

No, because the segment is visit based. Then if during a visit some pages to be excluded and other to be included are visited, then you will exclude (or include) the whole visit. There is not really filters on Matomo (except on Custom report premium plugin).

I don’t really see any solution. Even deleting actions that you want to exclude would not be sufficient, as some KPI are calculated live during the visit (eg. previous page for each action, number of pages views or searches during a visit, etc.)

Thank you Philippe.
I think in my case it would be good if the whole visit is removed. Is that only the case when I use segments? If I implement this solution: https://matomo.org/faq/how-to/faq_89/ is really only the respective page removed, not the whole visit?

In principle I would like to exclude the whole Worpress backend traffic and also the whole visit, because in the backend only employees are on the way (or bots that try to get into the backend).