Exclude visits from email scanning gateways

Hi guys,

As per subject line, is there any way to exclude visits generated by email scanning programs which go through links in an email?

I often see a real visit from a user from their phone, but at the exact same time also hits from a desktop device (often located in the US).

I have the TrackingSpamPrevention v4.1.3 plugin installed with Block Headless Browsers checked.

Do I need to check Block tracking requests from the cloud and from server-side libraries?

Hi @luminsol,
How do you recognize it is email scanning gateway? Is there any specific IP that you could exclude? Or some kind of browser type (that you may also exclude)?

It’s because the utm_campaign is set to a value that we have set in our emails and location is in the US (we do not have users from the US).

It seems quite varied. Some examples:

  • IP: from Quincy, Network owner: Microsoft Azure
  • IP: from San Jose, Network owner: Microsoft Azure

Of the two I’ve checked, they are Chrome 103.0, Win 10, Generic Desktop, 1280 x 960

Any idea what’s the best way to approach this?

I would exclude the Microsoft IPs.
I think this plugins can help you to achieve that:

Also, as you previously suggested, you may exclude IPs from cloud (via TrackingSpamPrevention plugin).

Thanks Philippe, I will try exclude IPs from the cloud first and see how it goes.