Exclude url from being processed import_logs.py

I am trying to exclude any url which contains the word dynaTraceMonitor in them.

I have tried the following:

import_logs.py --idsite=2 --recorders=5 --recorder-max-payload-size=150 --exclude-path=dynaTraceMonitor --debug --output=/var/log/piwik/piwik_import.log --url=http://piwik/ /media/log1.log

the word dynaTraceMonitor has * on bothsides (for some reason it lost the * when i posted)

but when i check the Actions->Pages, they still appear there
Here is a few lines of the export of Actions->Pages

Attached excel file

Can anyone please help. I am trying to get rid of any url which contains dynaTraceMonitor in Pages and Downloads