Exclude referrers from conversion attribution

I would like to exclude a referrer from multi-channel conversion attribution. Our payment provider sometimes refers visitors back to our site and thus gets credited with a lot of conversions, which is nonsense, of course. Is there a way to prevent that from happening?
Thanks a lot in advance!


Thanks a lot! This is obviously a problem for a lot of people - is there a way to incentivize a solution? Maybe through crowdfunding? This is an important feature, and I imagine it will turn many users off if they can’t see which campaigns work and which don’t…


@Lukas what are the chances of getting this problem fixed soon - or what would the requirements be to get it fixed soon?

I didn’t follow the discussion recently, but I think the last post in the issue might help you:

@Lukas Great, I can see you are actively working on a solution to this. :+1:

Hi Daniel

I just came across your post - I have been campaigning for a fix for this since the start of the year since it lost us an existing client (due to the wildly inaccurate attribution figures - you can see some of my examples of overreporting direct entry for example).

It does appear to under the consideration of the developer now with it currently marked for the next release milestone.

If you have anything to add, real world instances of this for example you might want to consider adding it to the issue, I also encourage you to review the posts by the developer to ensure we get the right solution to this!