Exclude 3rd party sites from tracking


Hi Piwik Community,

I’m fairly new to Piwik, I am just doing my first steps with it now.

In the last days, I encountered a thing that bugs me, maybe there’s a way to solve it:

I use the invisible image based tracking in the descriptions texts of my items on a code marketplace website.
Tracking users this way works fairly well.

However, there are some third party sites that copy these description texts to post them on their own sites automatically to earn referrals by directing users to the marketplace. The bad thing with this is that they copy my tracking pixel coed aswell and, even though I specified the two possible domains of the market place in the “websites” settings in Piwik, my Piwik statistics show a bunch (~50) of these sites in various reports making them a real mess. I don’t want these sites in my reports. I don’t want to track them and mess up my database with these tracked visits.

Is there a way to specify “allowed domains” for the site id, so piwik will ignore all other domains that copied the tracking pixel code?

Cheers, Jonas

(James) #2

I know this doesn’t directly solve your issue, but if you look here: GitHub - perusio/piwik-nginx: Nginx configuration for running Piwik the person who made the nginx config allows you to block referrers to piwik.php apart from the websites you set


Thanks for the hint!

I’m using Apache right now. Allowing only known domains to access the piwik.php file could work as a workaround but nothing more. It’s impractical to have to add each additional possible domain in the .htaccess file every time you create a new website within Piwik…


See this 5 years old ticket…

Sadly set to “normal”…