Excel Data

Can I upload my own excel data into a Piwik widget?

Can you tell me more about your specific use case?

Sure. We generate our own Keyword Market Research. Therefore, we do not go by Google’s keywords, but by the silo architecture we create. I want to track those keywords in my silo and categories. Including some specific data that I also have, such as time to rank, number of articles needed to rank, number of backlinks, etc.


Yes this is possible if you have PHP skills, because Piwik is an open platform: developer.piwik.org/

If you need help with custom dev, contact Development for Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Does that mean that I can add different data sources to the dashboard via API? In that case, do I have to create specfic widgets for each new data source I am bringing into Piwik?