Every trigger creates his own event on debug


is it normal, that every trigger has his own event in the debug menu?

For example, i have 20 trigger for different events (menu, checkbox and so on) on the website and each click fires 20 events in the debug menu.

Or do i have some wrong settings? It is really confusing to find out, if the right trigger fired.

Thanks in advance!

Can you provide a screenshot?


can’t directyl copy an image here so i uploaded one:

so the setup is something like

Trigger 1 - All Links Click - optional trigger setting
Trigger 2 - All Links Click - optional trigger setting
Trigger 3 - All Links Click - optional trigger setting
Trigger 4 - All Links Click - optional trigger setting

and so on…

The provided information is not very clear…
Nevertheless, my understood of the information you provided is: The events are caught BUT triggers not triggered because of some trigger configuration (“Only trigger when”)…

I’m facing the same issue and can perhaps offer some additional information

  • I have configured 10 triggers (All link clicks), all of which are conditional on click class and correspond to one trigger for each type of card on our website
  • Now when I launch the debug mode, every link click fires 10 events
  • These are all basically the same event but it very quickly becomes unmanageable and difficult to distinguish between events, particularly as we introduce more sophisticated conditional events (fire on certain pages/under certain conditions)
  • I am now hesitant to start introducing element click events as this introduces more “noise” in the debug mode

I have attached a screenshot for reference for what just 1 link click looks like in the debug mode events panel

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 10.05.56

A ticket has been created in the project GitHub:
Add option to filter events in Preview mode · Issue #340 · matomo-org/tag-manager (github.com)

Thank you Philippe, appreciate you pointing me to the ticket. Whilst this would be an improvement it doesn’t feel like the best solution and it feels like Matomo is working the wrong way round when looking to identify and create events.

Other platforms, such as GTM, allow you to enter preview mode and understand individual events the potential variables and values available when clicking on buttons/cards/links etc. This is then used to build the trigger and event.

Matomo seems to do things the other way around - create a trigger and then see if it makes any sense.

Again, thank you for sharing the ticket but that only feels like a small step in the right direction (a ticket shouldn’t be being registered as an “event” on every click, an event should be either firing a trigger or not)

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Good point Hessy, I am the one who responded to the Github issue. Definitely struggling right now with properly debugging my work. It’s especially annoying since I already have 15 different click triggers right now and I am only about 70% done in instrumenting my tracking plan.

My workflow right now is to simply just publish the container after making a change and see if the correct data comes into our Matomo instance. Which is sub-optimal because I am publishing about 15 versions for even small implementations.