Every internal link is considered as an outlink (?)

Hi Community,

I’m experiencing a rare situation: when I follow a given link in my site, I see that something similar to the following is sent to piwik:


Then, after the requested page loads, I see the hit to record the action:


This causes the following effect in the visitor log:

Also, it increases the count of outlinks.

The effect dissapear if I use:

_paq.push(['setDomains', ["*.site.com"]]);

in the javascript tracker. However, I thought that it is not necessary if there is only a domain in the play.

Do anybody out there any idea about this?

P.S.- I have several sites using piwik and this effect only occurs in the last one that I’ve added to Piwiki after upgrading to 3.0.2 (I’m not sure that this problem is related to piwik version but I prefer to state it just in case it may help)